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  1. Gangstas just keepin' it real in H-town. Heroes of "the community". Glad that the victims were not seriously hurt. How much could have possibly been in the till? $200? Even if there was $20,000 in the register; is that worth losing one's freedom for 5-10 years or more? The lack of impulse control on the part of the criminal element and the lack of ability to look beyond the next 10 minutes into the future to evaluate the potential consequences of one's actions by doing a simple risk/reward calculus is staggering.

    These clowns probably feel a sense of false invincibility after this 'successful' heist and will no-doubt see this course of action as a legitimate means of obtaining financial resources (heaven forbid they actually work for it), which will lead to either being caught & arrested or taking the room temperature challenge compliments of an armed business owner / employee in the great state of Texas. Hopefully; it will be the latter.

  2. The odds may have been against the victims in this one John. Consider the space is small(CCTV is wide angle), the victims outnumbered and certainly outgunned. For either victim to attempt a counterattack or flee would be a solo move, leaving the remaining victim in an escalated and perhaps undesirable situation. Robberies have a motive and that is get the money and run. Total compliance , even with the physical assault at the end, lead to one outcome, everyone gets to go home alive. Thanks for the great channel.

  3. Looking good John! Congrats on your personal transformation.

    Regarding the video – even if you have a tool on you. Compliance in this case was best. Most conceal carriers don't practice shooting at multiple targets in a confined space.

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