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  1. Another great analysis and breakdown John; as always thank you. We don't fight over stuff anger or ego. When he returned empty handed it would have been mighty tempting to counter. Such difficult split second decision making. How do you know he's not going to change his objective to bodily harm? Not much time to read his intent. I think that if a clear opening presents itself we are best to take control of these situations from these dangerous sociopaths(assuming we are well trained and composed). What do you think?

  2. Somebody should have shot that pussy and I'm talking about the so fast dude somebody should have shot his ass right in the face soon as you came out the store so fast. You ain't got no daughter n** stop lying n** go steal money then still liquor you know he'll bum-ass n**

  3. Hey John i just want to congratulate you in you weight loss journey man you look amazing man Every new video that you post you look skinner and Skinnier .. a couple of months ago i lost 35 LBS too I went from 220LBS to 185LBS

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