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  1. This is absolutely horrible, like alot of videos on this channel. John Thank You for teaching us how to be aware of the evil out there. You really do save lives!

  2. Hate to say it but I saw that coming all the way from Chicago, lol. Stupid for getting that close to him and stopping. I am hoping I don't acting carelessly when I am that age. Like to think I won't be who knows.

  3. At the very least, the perp had enough resources to make payment on a nice truck. And still. he robs an old lady for pocket change. This isn't opportunism. This is evil, coupled with stupid (He did it in a parking lot clearly videotaping his every move.)

  4. That's painful to watch a poor elderly lady gets assaulted like that. Helpful lesson, but the fact was very sad. I hope she has recovered 100%.

  5. The best practice is to reward the good and punish the evil. The west seems to adore the evil and punish the good for some reason which eludes me. Must be related with power-worship but I can't tell for sure. As long as that remains to be the case, not even the harshest punishment will decrease the number of such hideous acts.

  6. Disgusting. There are good people in this world – this guy isn't one of them. Poor lady had quite a face plant; I hope any injury was minimal and she recovers physically and mentally soon.

    I was shown a purse at a range pro shop recently that had a reinforced strap so it couldn't be cut, but that made me wonder if a woman could get out of it if a strong attacker grabbed and pulled, maybe dragging her. My wife wears a purse that is designed to wear cross-body, and it lays flat so it will fit under a jacket. She loves it.

  7. You got to remember that all of these people that do this kind of stuff are all cowards… And they're always going to look for the easiest victim they can find because they're bullies… So unfortunately an old lady with a purse is the easiest Target… He would never pick on someone his own size

  8. This one was actually heartbreaking as she wasn’t able to break her fall, clearly landed face first. This guy should be so ashamed, less than human