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  1. Wasn't there, but it seems to me the cover officers with the Tasers stepped in much too close for a non-lethal with 22' of range. They essentially walked into the primary officer's line of fire- but that stuff happens at active scenes, so good on the primary to adapt to that. Indeed, they were all too close to the Mr. Bad Guy and should think about that in training as it limits options and provides none.

    I agree with the vocal "looping", if not effective- move on to something else. De-escalation verbal judo seemed appropriate, the officers were jacking the thing up, rather than down, and there wasn't a need for that.

  2. You kno I used to not even like cops actually hated them because of my past that’s whole nother story though but anyways after watching ASP videos I actually care and feel so bad for them totally changed my view on “cops” they are people too and do a extremely dangerous hard no beating around the bush job and I give you guys kudos and actually pray for y’all protection Keep up the good work

  3. First I will start by saying I am Pro law enforcement. Im not to sure how full police officers vehicles are but I feel like they should have a ballistics Shield in their vehicle. I know a screw driver can be deadly but only in one direction with a lot of force. Why not running jump kick his ass to the ground? There was a hand full of officers on scene. If I was walking down the street with a few my friends and this guy approaches with a screwdriver nobody is going to die he's going to get beat up and we're going to call the police. One of these cops could have got some easy time off head he got poked with that screwdriver little bit while taking them down. But also you should Rush cop and screwdriver you get shot that's what happens

  4. I dont agree with ASP i dont think the police were in the right. I dont understand, a man got shot because someone called for disorderly conduct, I am definitely not against the police; but when a man that has been outside of the constructs of society is approached by several men with guns yelling and posing a threat (edit: and being chased until he can no longer run) and he responds by taking out a weapon for defense and he gets shot. I think the police could have approached this much differently. It appears that it is very easy for the police to take a life and their approach was very poor. This video shows the quality of thought of our current law enforcement. Shoot first ask questions later.

  5. The only thing i dont get is that this guy is old. He has a screwdriver and they shoot him. Smdh.theres prison guards that have to fight for there life. In prison when inmates try to kill them. What the f…… Is a screwdriver going to do. These cops now days are lil punks. What you cant pepper spray him. And then tackle him. No you have to pull the trigger. Smdh.

  6. Hi John; I do not agree that the police did a great job. Lethal force in this case could be avoided. If the tasers fail start with giving a warningshot in the air. If that doesn’t change anything, shoot the man in his legs. Everything to avoid fatal shooting for an incident that is not worth such a great price….

  7. NEVER call police on a mentally unstable person. They aren't properly trained to deal with these situations. Nine times out of ten, the officers will use deadly force. In situations such as these, there should be a mental health professional who officers can call on as needed to help descalete the situation.

  8. Difference with cops is that the buck stops with them for the most part. If someone is being a danger to public safety its their responsibility to deal with that person. They cant just let it go. One way or another they need to deal with this guy. As a self defender we dont have that same responsibility on our shoulders. If we repel a threat and he runs off and stabs someone else its not our problem. But with police it is.

  9. They did a fantastic job? They shot a severely mentally deranged man with a screwdriver in the head and then handcuffed his corpse. As for verbal judo why not try to find out the guy's name and humanize him rather than treat him like a cornered animal?

  10. I think this guy probably could have been taken down with less lethal means. Tasers failed (as usual) and that seemed like the only non lethal tool. Once the guy comes charging at an officer that does not leave much other choice. US police are not trained to back off and negotiate.

  11. Guy is wearing a thick jacket and the taser darts didn't touch his skin. Why not use pepper spray to blind the threat? They got real close two him with two tasers. At that range pepper spray would have worked.

  12. Wow… 6 officers surended a homless and they cant capture him without harming him. This is like a sport to them. Why cant they shoot him on the hands or legs? Why cant they keep the distence between the cop and the thret? Marksmenship ?lol….

  13. another senseless killing by the police, i could had beat that guys just whit my bare hands,police need to start carrying shields for this people that are just in my opinion insane and come at them with weapons like a screwdriver or even a knife.

  14. I don't agree. They could of used a tazer no need for shot fired. The police wasn't positiond right. Why stand right infront of him. Knowing he can run up too you. Should of kept distance and use the tazer. Bean bag shotty. They did a terrible job.

  15. I like John's comments about muzzle awareness and avoiding muzzling the fellow officers. I think something also should have been said about being aware of your backstop. At 6:05 John shows how the target window gets very precarious due to the potential muzzling of the other officer. What is also concerning is the house in the background as a backstop — in fact, the window of the house. Had he needed to fire at that moment, there was a chance rounds could enter that house and possible injure or kill an innocent person. Thankfully that didn't happen.

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