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  1. Hey John, on the topic of first aid: I carry a tourniquet already as part of my EDC, but I'm wondering if you think there is any value in carrying other medical items such as chest seals, OPAs, and ARS needles? I already carry them in the IFAK on my range bag, but I'm wondering your opinion on if they are viable for carrying on your person as part of an EDC setup. Thanks in advance!

  2. Stand up grappling is called clinch fighting(Stand up fighting, clinch fighting, and ground fighting.) Clinching someone is probably the hardest of the three. It is the most energy consuming depending on each person's size.

  3. Yikes!!!
    Hand to hand skills are a must even when carrying every day,
    and far more important if you don't carry some kind of weapon.
    He was incredibly fortunate to get out of that alive.
    Thanks for sharing another great video John.
    Be safe!

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