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  1. I understand that in China, rape is punishable by death but not sure what they do to attempted rape. Thanks for the training, John. These are an invaluable asset for your subscribers.

  2. "No one is coming to rescue you"
    Best lesson ever. Thanks John. Keep the awesome videos coming. God Bless!
    p.s just seen your other channel Congrats on the weight loss.

  3. Thank God she made it out and kept fighting! This was difficult to watch. It’s sad that all the characteristics of China make it incredibly difficult to defend yourself

  4. We had a similar attack recently
    1. The suspect was attacking his neighbor in her own home.
    2. Suspect's family heard victim screaming, & rescued victim from the attacker.

  5. Great video John, especially for women who need to train their attitudes and their skillsets. Ambush comes when you least expect and where you live can lull you into a false sense of security.

  6. simple is better women, take your thumb, fore and middle finger and tighten to a triangular beak formation. Now take the the "bird beak" and peck the rapists eyes, as he protects his eyes, destroy his nuts, as he protects his nuts, bird beak his eyes, then give him a chop in the throat for good measure…… ladies you have to find and learn to turn on your vicious switch.

  7. Tennesseean here, i lived in china for 6 months during college – people definitely were around and definitely would have heard her screams, unfortunately though – noone cares in that country because there's homeless/mentally ill people screaming nearly daily, randomly. So people just kinda tune it out. All people in china should carry a good pocket knife and find some pepper spray online (but they wont) People live in fear of what their gov. might think there.

    I remember one day at the campus i was in my dorm when i heard a teacher had a breakdown and started stabbing chinese students

  8. Damn it's sad and heartbreaking to see a young innocent woman being treated like this! One of my main reasons for knowing self defense is so I may also help others in need if I ever found it necessary…

    Glad she got away from this malfunctioned human biology experiment…..

  9. The natural tendency when being pulled on must be to just pull back. I've seen this in dog attacks where the dog has a limb and the victim just pulls back. Rather than using yourself as a pull toy, STRIKE! Strike and gouge with all you've got at the most vulnerable places – eyes, groin, etc. Getting into a tug-of-war is not a good defense. This girl didn't strike this attacker once. If she would have clawed his eyeballs right out of his skull he most certainly would have let go. This is where I think the attitude in the moment needs to flip from "I'm going to pull away" to "I'm going to kill you before you kill me". Cover your ASP!