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  1. Maybe the store owners should have a shotgun on a swivel mounted on the counter and when customers walk in they hear a recording of a shotgun shell being loaded. I hear that sound grabs everyone's attention…

  2. Yesterday I was playing Battlefield 1 on my PS4. I was so focus on my game that when a sniper was shotting at me I some how jump and duck at the same time to finally fell off my chair !!! Lol !! FIBSA factor is a powerful reaction.

  3. In the news story it says that this is the 3rd robber that this shop owner has killed in the last five years. It also says that he's a professional marksman, not sure what they mean by that, but apparently he's allowed to have a gun in Brazil despite not being an off duty. The two bad guys that ran off forced a civilian at gun point to drive them away, and as of that writing they nor the dog have been found.

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