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  1. You're looking good, John! I also doubt many folks have taken a tactical firearms course. I certainly have not. Could be cost, or simply not knowing where to find such instruction, or trying to figure out the good ones from the bad ones. There are plenty of people offering tactical training who have, so-called "combat experience". Lots of rip-offs out there where they may do more harm than good. Could you expand on good vs. bad tactical training? Maybe a video on how to tell the difference? Thanks again for a great lesson.

  2. Papua New Guinea drive on the left side so the guy in pickup is the driver and the first shot from the long gun is a passenger in the bad guy vehicle. I also believe you have it wrong on the rear glass breakage it is from a long gun shot with the hole going in just to the right of center high on the windshield.

  3. I am liking that new hair style man. Stay with it! 😎

    Good guy was on his toe and knew how to cover his ASP when the time came. Props on him for staying calm and collective in the heat of the moment vs multiple attackers. Thats hard to do. A+ grade for the good guy IMO

    John, your new channel could be titled "Waking Up To Some ASP" or "GMASP"
    Good Morning Active Self Protection


  4. John, what you're calling the passenger side is actually the driver's side in PNG, as they drive on the left. With guns blazing from the start, this looks like this was an assassination attempt more than a robbery.

  5. No I sure do not train like that. Pistol in one hand wheelchair controller in the other. I just have to do my best and stay hyper alert when in the chair. When on my feet and out of the house I wear braces on my legs that make moving difficult, so again I just have to do my best. 🙂 If you ever see me moving fast, run along with me something very, very bad is behind me. LOL

  6. Hey John just wanted to say thanks for uploading and deconstructing this video. It’s a great example of what you’ve been saying for years. It’s great to see that the things you claim work, really do. I personally haven’t ever doubted you, but I’m sure many do. It’s nice that you do what you do and you do it so well. Keep up the good, hard work!!

  7. I've done about 35 total hours of courses that focus on using cover and concealment, including a 2-day course about gun fighting in and around vehicles. All valuable stuff, but the vehicle course was especially important. I don't think training with plywood barricades does just about anything to train you for fighting around a vehicle. You have to do it for real.

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