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  1. Of course I’m playing Monday morning quarterback but I see so much wrong with this. Policing doesn’t need to be by the book. The guy had a knife and was clearly agitated. Why go in like he has a gun? There’s no need to hide behind your door. No immediate need to draw your weapon. That just raised the level of intensity. Talk to the guy calmly, ask he what’s the matter. Try to reason with him and move in slowly. Try to back him up away from the lady and get her behind you. The bean bag was a huge mistake. That just made it worse. When the guy with the knife moved towards the lady, that was a perfect time to take the officer on the left to take the shot. The cop that killed her just didn’t have the shot and should relied on the cop with the better angle. Hindsight’s 20/20, thought. I wasn’t there but sometimes you have to rely on your wit and common sense.

  2. @John Why did you completely gloss over the lessons you usually stress on about getting out of the danger zone?
    Especially in an officer involved shooting, doesn't that balance of perspective deserve to be there?

  3. American Cops are pussies, British cops with no guns would be all over him with their batons meanwhile these bitches have guns and stand 30ft away asking politely "Please sir drop the knife, no sir don't take her hostage or we might have to shoot you" end result an innocent woman loses her life, pathetic.

  4. Very unfortunate outcome. This is a good example of why people should get out of the danger zone. It sounded like the officer on the left was telling people to stay in cover. Hopefully this tragic event will help other LEOs to avoid a similar incident in the future.

  5. I would like to see what all the SJW's and cop haters have to say about this one. I'm sure if the guy was shot instantly they would have screamed ''police brutality'' this is what fucking happens, cops are scared now of shooting someone with a knife because of these dumb fucks.

  6. These cops need to be retrained or fired and in prison. Only that first officer should have taken the shot. The other cops were either trigger happy or just sheeps when they saw their fellow cop taking the clean shots

  7. Yep, you're right. The cops screwed up and killed a disabled innocent bystander. How can we fix this? We need to better train our cops. Why are these types of mistakes unheard of in western Europe? Do the police there receive better training?

  8. Anyone who puts any blame on the lady is absolutely a boot licker.

    When the bullet from an officer's barrel scrambles an innocent women's brain and you find fault in her, then without divine intervention you are beyond repair in your way of thinking.

    Officer should be let go, he took shots that were unnecessary this is 100% a fact, no bullets where being fired at him, no knife was cutting him, he was in no danger and he decided to shoot a few inches of a moving target when there where other officers with a better line of sight. Just an unbelievably bad decision, worthy of revoking his officer status.

  9. This one was hard to watch, John.

    Personally, I can’t understand why the police officers weren’t more proactive earlier.

    The perpetrator was carrying a substantial weapon and was clearly a threat to public safety, so why didn’t they engage sooner?

    Surely they could have gotten to the guy with the knife, before he took his hostage?

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